• Eight Decisions to Make This Day the Best

                                                                  As the days warm up in Southern Nevada, I have once again started up one of my favorite pastimes of retreating to the patio in the early morning hours to read some truly great books. I recently read a wonderful book by Andy Andrews entitled The Seven Decisions. The author challenges his readers to change their mindset in order to seize each day and make it great. As I was reflecting on his words I began to wonder, what are the daily decisions I believe are important for living a great day, week, month, year and life. I came up with eight “change your day” decisions. (Not because I am trying to one-up Mr. Andrews’ seven decisions J)

                My work as a Marriage and Family Therapist puts me in contact with people daily who have lost their sense of purpose, hope and direction in life. These eight decisions are some of the important health-giving thoughts that I am often discussing with clients who come to my office with a desire to see life from a biblical perspective as they try to change their life and relationships.

                Each day I do my very best to live-out these eight decisions in my life. They are a part of how I renew my mind as I face a new day and a new opportunity.



    Love: Today I will love God with all my heart, mind soul and strength and I will generously share God’s love with my family and all others God brings into my life.

    Joy: Today I will joyfully and thankfully live fully present in God’s creation.

    Faith: Today I will be aware of God’s active presence in my life and I will trust that as I do my best work He will bring the results He desires.

    Creativity: Today I will creatively use the gifts and resources God has entrusted to me to do the work that He has called me to do.

    Courage: Today I will live courageously. I will not allow worry about tomorrow, regret, fear, anxiety, or the opinions, and criticisms of others sway me from my calling.

    Action: Today I will be a person of persistent action. I will not allow laziness, distractions, comfort or procrastination keep me from my day’s most important priorities.

    Grace: Today I will seek God’s forgiveness and freely forgive others. I choose to live my life free from grudges and resentment. I will share the grace God has given me.

    Growth: Today I will seek wisdom and growth. I desire to grow in wisdom, skills and abilities by earnestly seeking God, His word, wise mentors, and great books.  



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