My Approach

The majority of my clients are married couples. This is not by accident. I have devoted much of my study and practice towards helping couples in crisis. I am very purposeful to create a safe environment for couples to do the hard work of repairing and re-creating their marriage. I am a strong advocate for their marriage and maintain a positive stance that every marriage can be changed. When a couple comes for counseling they have usually been struggling for years and they have become disconnected, other-blaming, self-protecting, and very unhappy.  I take a role as a coach and provide the structure to assess the specific problems and deficits that have gotten the marriage to this state, help the couple create joint goals of how they want their marriage to be different, and help them communicate in a way that allows them to reconnect.  I coach them in the development of new tools to sustain the positive changes and encourage them to make relationally courageous decisions to live-out an immensely better marriage.


Marriage Counseling.

There is always hope for your marriage.  No matter how unhappy you are in your marriage, it can be changed for the better. Couples who choose to stay committed to their marriage and work to make it better can usually see dramatic improvements which can lead to a more fulfilling and satisfying marriage.  A great marriage does not happen naturally or without effort. A great marriage is built by two people who put in the effort, energy and work to make their marriage what they want it to be. Even just one person who is willing to try to make a change can often be the catalyst that is needed to get the marriage to turn around. You and your marriage are worth it!

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